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Low-E Glass

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    Low-E Glass
    Issue Time:2018-03-26
    Low emissivity coated glass(Low-E glass) is a product which applies several uniforms coatings of metal or other compounds by vacuum magnetron sputtering.High visible light transmittance and high reflection of infrared ray enable the glass to have good performance of heat insulation

    Now,people prefer large-size window for sightseeing or enjoying sunshine to relax,however, the heat runs off through the window at the same time. "It is not easy to make the best of both worlds"! Now, the low-E glass appears to settle this problem. It has a high transmission of visible light and can reflect infrared heat at the same time, which can satisfy most people and architecture

    Applicable color: transparent, shallow gray, silver gray, green blue etc.

    Applicable range: 
    After combination, it can be made into Low-E coated insulating/laminated glass, tempered Low-E coated insulating/laminated glass, heat-processed Low-E coated insulating/laminated glass, as well as products of multiple combinations.

    Just tell me what you want, a customized product is welcome!